On the unimportance of constitutive models in computing brain deformation for image-guided surgery

Date Published:

2009 Feb


Imaging modalities that can be used intra-operatively do not provide sufficient details to confidently locate the abnormalities and critical healthy areas that have been identified from high-resolution pre-operative scans. However, as we have shown in our previous work, high quality pre-operative images can be warped to the intra-operative position of the brain. This can be achieved by computing deformations within the brain using a biomechanical model. In this paper, using a previously developed patient-specific model of brain undergoing craniotomy-induced shift, we conduct a parametric analysis to investigate in detail the influences of constitutive models of the brain tissue. We conclude that the choice of the brain tissue constitutive model, when used with an appropriate finite deformation solution, does not affect the accuracy of computed displacements, and therefore a simple linear elastic model for the brain tissue is sufficient.
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