NAC is organized into several technological research and development cores. The scientific activity in the cores is orchestrated by the center directors. Decisions about allocation of resources of the center are made by the directors after consultation with the internal advisory board. An external advisory board provides strategic guidance and reports back to NIH on an annual basis. 

In addition to striving for academic excellence in our fields of research, we put a particular focus on collaboration, service, training and dissemination activities as intended for a Biomedical Technology Resource Center.

Center Directors


Ron Kikinis

Carl-Fredrik Westin, PhD Ron Kikinis, MD


Technological Research and Development Core PIs

Multidimensional MRI

Statistical Inference for
Imaging and Disease

Image Features for
Brain Phenotypes


Polina Golland

Sandy Wells

PI: Carl-Fredrik Westin, PhD PI: Polina Golland, PhD PI: Sandy Wells, PhD

Yogesh Rathi


Lauren O’Donnell

Co-PI: Yogesh Rathi, PhD   Co-PI: Lauren O’Donnell, PhD


Outreach: Training, Service, Dissemination

Sonia Pujol

Michael Halle

Sonia Pujol, PhD Michael Halle, PhD


Internal Advisory Board


Ron Kikinis

Clare Tempany

Polina Golland

Michael Halle

Carl-Fredrik Westin, PhD Ron Kikinis, MD Clare Tempany, MD Polina Golland, PhD Michael Halle, PhD

Steve Pieper

Sonia Pujol

Sandy Wells

Steve Pieper, PhD Sonia Pujol, PhD Sandy Wells, PhD    


Scientific Advisory Board

Jim Duncan

Mark Does

Guido Gerig

Chris Johnson

Sarang Joshi

Jim Duncan, PhD
Mark Does, PhD Guido Gerig, PhD Chris Johnson, PhD Sarang Joshi, PhD

Sandy Napel

Daniel Ruekert

Paul Thompson

Arthur Toga

Sandy Napel, PhD Daniel Rueckert, PhD Paul Thompson, PhD Arthur Toga, PhD  


Administrative Support Team

Katie Mastrogiacomo

Maria Loy

Marianna Jakab

Katie Mastrogiacomo, BA
Operational Manager
Maria Loy, BS, MBA, MPH 
Project Manager
Marianna Jakab, MS
Research and Publications
Compliance Manager