Steve Pieper, PhD

Slicer Core PI

Steve Pieper, Ph.D. is a Computer Scientist with a long-time interest in applying computer analysis to problems in medical imaging, surgical planning, and biomechanical simulation.  His work takes the form of both entrepreneurship and academic research.  Steve has served as the Chief Architect of the 3D Slicer software package for over a decade and within NAC, Steve is the Slicer Core PI. He is also responsible for helping NAC investigators robustly engineer software implementations of their innovative methods.  This serves as a pathway to dissemination to the broader scientific community.  Steve is also active in a variety of research collaborations related to software development, surgical applications, high performance computing, facial animation, haptics, registration and segmentation.

Contact Information

Isomics, Inc.
55 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
p: +1 617.596.2719