Training and Dissemination

Sonia Pujol Michael Halle

Sonia Pujol, PhD  
Core PI

Michael Halle, PhD

The Training and Dissemination component is responsible for teaching clinical researchers, biomedical research scientists, and clinicians how to use NAC-developed technologies and methods. It provides individual training, hands-on workshops, and access to NAC's software and data resources, which include the 3D Slicer software ecosystem, de-identified datasets, and other tools. Our efforts are amplified through collaborations with our partner projects that share a common vision of open scientific research, and NAC plans to build on its long and successful track record. As a provider of analysis techniques and software, we have the opportunity to electronically distribute our work and impact many labs. We provide support through scientific publications, online documentation, and training sessions. In this way, our training and service activities are an important and synergistic part of our dissemination efforts.

NAC organizes  National and International Training Events for clinical researchers, scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students at national and international universities as well as international research conferences. These educational events train researchers in neuroimage analysis techniques, and combine theoretical lectures and hands-on tutorial sessions tailored for specific clinical and scientific communities. NAC also holds Breakout Sessions at Bi-Annual Project Weeks for biomedical engineers, computer scientists, and graduate students to disseminate NAC technologies and specific components of the NA-MIC Kit.