DTI Course Given the complex and specialized nature of our work, teams that consider adopting NAC technology can only do so when given the proper support. We provide this support through in-person training at workshops, one-on-one training provided to visiting students and investigators, extensive on-line documentation and tutorials. In this way, our training and service activities are an important and synergistic part of our dissemination efforts. All our Peer-reviewed PubMed Indexed Publications that is based on the work funded by the Center since its inception are listed on the Publications page.

Many of the NAC’s resources ready for use are network-based. The Slicer website has extensive documentation and support materials, including downloadable data sets. This site has been augmented through the addition of extensive materials uploaded to the Slicer Wiki, which is widely used by NAC and other projects as a collaborative forum for joint development efforts. The Slicer Training Compendium is a critical part of our training and dissemination activities and is described more fully below. 

Our services include a publicly-visible Slicer Discourse Forum, that NAC investigators actively engage with outside researchers to answer questions and resolve issues arising from the application of the technology in new environments or the influx of new data. This forum  allows both users and developers to easily ask and answer questions using either a modern web interface or a more traditional mailing-list mode. Archives of these exchanges are available to augment the standard documentation set.

Training Portal

The Training compendium provides a series of self-paced 3D Slicer tutorials. Each tutorial includes step-by-step instructions and a pre-computed dataset to learn how to use the software. 

Examples from the Slicer4Minute tutorial

This tutorial is a brief introduction to the advanced 3D visualization capabilities of Slicer4.10.

Slicer Slicer Slicer