Shape analysis with overcomplete spherical wavelets

B T Thomas Yeo, Peng Yu, P, Bruce Fischl, and Polina Golland. 2008. Shape analysis with overcomplete spherical wavelets. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv, 11, Pt 1, Pp. 468-76.
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In this paper, we explore the use of over-complete spherical wavelets in shape analysis of closed 2D surfaces. Previous work has demonstrated, theoretically and practically, the advantages of overcomplete over bi-orthogonal spherical wavelets. Here we present a detailed formulation of over-complete wavelets, as well as shape analysis experiments of cortical folding development using them. Our experiments verify in a quantitative fashion existing qualitative theories of neuroanatomical development. Furthermore, the experiments reveal novel insights into neuro-anatomical development not previously documented.
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