A Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman approach to high angular resolution diffusion tractography

Pichon E, Westin CF, Tannenbaum AR. A Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman approach to high angular resolution diffusion tractography. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. 2005;8(Pt 1):180–7.
Copy at https://is.gd/uFFV2P


This paper describes a new framework for white matter tractography in high angular resolution diffusion data. A direction-dependent local cost is defined based on the diffusion data for every direction on the unit sphere. Minimum cost curves are determined by solving the Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman using an efficient algorithm. Classical costs based on the diffusion tensor field can be seen as a special case. While the minimum cost (or equivalently the travel time of a particle moving along the curve) and the anisotropic front propagation frameworks are related, front speed is related to particle speed through a Legendre transformation which can severely impact anisotropy information for front propagation techniques. Implementation details and results on high angular diffusion data show that this method can successfully take advantage of the increased angular resolution in high b-value diffusion weighted data despite lower signal to noise ratio.
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