Coupled Multi-shape Model and Mutual Information for Medical Image Segmentation


Tsai A, Wells III WM, Tempany CM, Grimson EWL, Willsky AS. Coupled Multi-shape Model and Mutual Information for Medical Image Segmentation. Inf Process Med Imaging. 2003;18 :185-97.

Date Published:

2003 Jul


This paper presents extensions which improve the performance of the shape-based deformable active contour model presented earlier in [9]. In contrast to that work, the segmentation framework that we present in this paper allows multiple shapes to be segmented simultaneously in a seamless fashion. To achieve this, multiple signed distance functions are employed as the implicit representations of the multiple shape classes within the image. A parametric model for this new representation is derived by applying principal component analysis to the collection of these multiple signed distance functions. By deriving a parametric model in this manner, we obtain a coupling between the multiple shapes within the image and hence effectively capture the co-variations among the different shapes. The parameters of the multi-shape model are then calculated to minimize a single mutual information-based cost functional for image segmentation. The use of a single cost criterion further enhances the coupling between the multiple shapes as the deformation of any given shape depends, at all times, upon every other shape, regardless of their proximity. We demonstrate the utility of this algorithm to the segmentation of the prostate gland, the rectum, and the internal obturator muscles for MR-guided prostate brachytherapy.

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