On the construction of invertible filter banks on the 2-sphere

Boon Thye Thomas Yeo, Wanmei Ou, and Polina Golland. 2008. On the construction of invertible filter banks on the 2-sphere. IEEE Trans Image Process, 17, 3, Pp. 283-300.
Copy at https://is.gd/ao9SiL


The theories of signal sampling, filter banks, wavelets, and "overcomplete wavelets" are well established for the Euclidean spaces and are widely used in the processing and analysis of images. While recent advances have extended some filtering methods to spherical images, many key challenges remain. In this paper, we develop theoretical conditions for the invertibility of filter banks under continuous spherical convolution. Furthermore, we present an analogue of the Papoulis generalized sampling theorem on the 2-Sphere. We use the theoretical results to establish a general framework for the design of invertible filter banks on the sphere and demonstrate the approach with examples of self-invertible spherical wavelets and steerable pyramids. We conclude by examining the use of a self-invertible spherical steerable pyramid in a denoising experiment and discussing the computational complexity of the filtering framework.
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