Automatic Segmentation Using Non-Rigid Registration

Pohl KM, Bouix S, Shenton ME, Grimson EL, Kikinis R. Automatic Segmentation Using Non-Rigid Registration. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. 2007;26(9):1201–1212.


Many neuroanatomy studies rely on brain tissue segmentations of magnetic resonance images (MRI). We present a segmentation tool, which performs this task automatically by analyzing the MRIs as well as tissue specific spatial priors. The priors are aligned to the patient through a non-rigid registration method. The segmentation itself is parameterized by an XML file making the approach easily adjustable to various segmentation problems. The tool is hidden beneath a ’one-button’ user interface, which is simple to install and is applicable to a wide variety of image acquisition protocols.
Last updated on 02/24/2023