Anatomical Atlas-guided Diffuse Optical Tomography of Brain Activation


Anna Custo, David A Boas, Daisuke Tsuzuki, Ippeita Dan, Rickson Mesquita, Bruce Fischl, Eric WL Grimson, and Williams Wells. 2010. “Anatomical Atlas-guided Diffuse Optical Tomography of Brain Activation.” Neuroimage, 49, 1, Pp. 561-7.


We describe a neuroimaging protocol that utilizes an anatomical atlas of the human head to guide diffuse optical tomography of human brain activation. The protocol is demonstrated by imaging the hemodynamic response to median-nerve stimulation in three healthy subjects, and comparing the images obtained using a head atlas with the images obtained using the subject-specific head anatomy. The results indicate that using the head atlas anatomy it is possible to reconstruct the location of the brain activation to the expected gyrus of the brain, in agreement with the results obtained with the subject-specific head anatomy. The benefits of this novel method derive from eliminating the need for subject-specific head anatomy and thus obviating the need for a subject-specific MRI to improve the anatomical interpretation of diffuse optical tomography images of brain activation.

Last updated on 01/17/2017