Plastimatch 1.6 - Current Capabilities and Future Directions

James A Shackleford, Nadya Shusharina, Joost Verberg, Guy Warmerdam, Brian Winey, Markus Neuner, Philipp Steininger, Amelia Arbisser, and Polina Golland. 2012. Plastimatch 1.6 - Current Capabilities and Future Directions. Int Conf Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. Workshop on Image-Guidance and Multimodal Dose Planning in Radiation Therapy., 15, WS.
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Open-source software provides an economic benefit by reducing duplicated development effort, and advances science knowledge by fostering a culture of reproducible experimentation. This paper describes recent advances in the Plastimatch open software suite, which implements a broad set of useful tools for research and practice in radiotherapy and medical imaging. The focus of this paper is to highlight recent advancements, including 2D-3D registration, GPU-accelerated mutual information, analytic regularization of B-spline registration, automatic 3D feature detection and feature matching, and radiotherapy plan evaluation tools.

Last updated on 02/27/2023