OpenIGTLink: an open network protocol for image-guided therapy environment

Junichi Tokuda, Gregory S. Fischer, Xenophon Papademetris, Ziv Yaniv, Luis Ibanez, Patrick Cheng, Haiying Liu, Jack Blevins, Jumpei Arata, Alexandra J Golby, Tina Kapur, Steve Pieper, Everette C Burdette, Gabor Fichtinger, Clare M Tempany, and Nobuhiko Hata. 2009. OpenIGTLink: an open network protocol for image-guided therapy environment. Int J Med Robot, 5, 4, Pp. 423-34.
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BACKGROUND: With increasing research on system integration for image-guided therapy (IGT), there has been a strong demand for standardized communication among devices and software to share data such as target positions, images and device status. METHOD: We propose a new, open, simple and extensible network communication protocol for IGT, named OpenIGTLink, to transfer transform, image and status messages. We conducted performance tests and use-case evaluations in five clinical and engineering scenarios. RESULTS: The protocol was able to transfer position data with submillisecond latency up to 1024 fps and images with latency of
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