Nonparametric Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Functional Brain Parcellation


Lashkari D, Sridharan R, Vul E, Hsieh P-J, Kanwisher N, Golland P. Nonparametric Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Functional Brain Parcellation. Conf Comput Vis Pattern Recognit Workshops. 2010 :15-22.

Date Published:

2010 Jun 13


We develop a method for unsupervised analysis of functional brain images that learns group-level patterns of functional response. Our algorithm is based on a generative model that comprises two main layers. At the lower level, we express the functional brain response to each stimulus as a binary activation variable. At the next level, we define a prior over the sets of activation variables in all subjects. We use a Hierarchical Dirichlet Process as the prior in order to simultaneously learn the patterns of response that are shared across the group, and to estimate the number of these patterns supported by data. Inference based on this model enables automatic discovery and characterization of salient and consistent patterns in functional signals. We apply our method to data from a study that explores the response of the visual cortex to a collection of images. The discovered profiles of activation correspond to selectivity to a number of image categories such as faces, bodies, and scenes. More generally, our results appear superior to the results of alternative data-driven methods in capturing the category structure in the space of stimuli.
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