Image-guided Therapy and Intraoperative MRI in Neurosurgery

Nabavi A, Mamisch TC, Gering D, Kacher DF, Pergolizzi RS, Wells WM, Kikinis R, Black PM, Jolesz FA. Image-guided Therapy and Intraoperative MRI in Neurosurgery. Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol. 2000;9(3-4):277–86.


Computer-assisted 3D planning, navigation and the possibilities offered by intra-operative imaging updates have made a large impact on neurological surgery. Three-dimensional rendering of complex medical image information, as well as co-registration of multimodal sources has reached a highly sophisticated level. When introduced into surgical navigation however, this pre-operative data is unable to account for intra-operative changes, (’brain-shift’). To update structural information during surgery, an open-configured, intra-operative MRI (Signa SP, 0.5 T) was realised at our institution in 1995. The design, advantages, limitations and current applications of this system are discussed, with emphasis on the integration of imaging into procedures. We also introduce our integrated platform for intra-operative visualisation and navigation, the 3D Slicer.
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