Free-Form B-spline Deformation Model for Groupwise Registration

Balci SK, Golland P, Shenton M, Wells WM III. Free-Form B-spline Deformation Model for Groupwise Registration. Med Image Comput Comput Assist Interv. 2007;10(WS):23–30.


In this work, we extend a previously demonstrated entropy based groupwise registration method to include a free-form deformation model based on B-splines. We provide an efficient implementation using stochastic gradient descents in a multi-resolution setting. We demonstrate the method in application to a set of 50 MRI brain scans and compare the results to a pairwise approach using segmentation labels to evaluate the quality of alignment. Our results indicate that increasing the complexity of the deformation model improves registration accuracy significantly, especially at cortical regions.
Last updated on 02/24/2023