A Bayesian approach for stochastic white matter tractography

Ola Friman, Gunnar Färneback, and Carl-Fredrik Westin. 2006. A Bayesian approach for stochastic white matter tractography. IEEE Trans Med Imaging, 25, 8, Pp. 965-78.
Copy at https://is.gd/94OI7O


White matter fiber bundles in the human brain can be located by tracing the local water diffusion in diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images. In this paper, a novel Bayesian modeling approach for white matter tractography is presented. The uncertainty associated with estimated white matter fiber paths is investigated, and a method for calculating the probability of a connection between two areas in the brain is introduced. The main merits of the presented methodology are its simple implementation and its ability to handle noise in a theoretically justified way. Theory for estimating global connectivity is also presented, as well as a theorem that facilitates the estimation of the parameters in a constrained tensor model of the local water diffusion profile.
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