Lowering the barriers inherent in translating advances in neuroimage analysis to clinical research applications

Date Published:

2008 Jan


RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES: This article presents an initiative for the translation of advances in neuroimage analysis techniques to clinical research scientists. Our objective is to bridge the gap between scientific advances made by the biomedical imaging community and their widespread use in the clinical research community. Through national collaborative effort supported by the National Institutes of Health Roadmap, the integration of the most sophisticated algorithms into usable working open-source systems enables clinical researchers to have access to a broad spectrum of cutting edge analysis techniques. A critical step to maximize the long-term positive impact of this collaborative effort is to translate these techniques into new skills of clinical researchers. To address this challenge, we developed a methodology based on three criteria: a multidisciplinary approach, a balance between theory and common practice, and an immersive collaborative environment. The article illustrates our initiative through the exemplar case of diffusion tensor imaging tractography, and reports on our experience over the past two years of designing and delivering training workshops to more than 300 clinicians and scientists using the developed methodology.
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